Training and rehabilitation

Sonderborg Municipality offers training, rehabilitation and maintaining training if, for example, you have been hospitalized or have a disability.

The purpose of the training is that you must have the opportunity to have or maintain a meaningful everyday life - including your possible connection to the labor market, education and leisure activities.

The courses take place individually, in groups or as a combination of both.

Can I be rehabilitated if I have been hospitalized?

If you have been in contact with the hospital and need rehabilitation, we offer you rehabilitation in the municipality's training unit.

  • The hospital doctor assesses whether you need rehabilitation. The hospital prepares the rehabilitation plan, hands it out to you and sends a copy to Sonderborg Municipality.
  • You will be called in for training per. letter or telephone.
  • You begin your training - unless otherwise stated in your rehabilitation plan - no later than seven working days after discharge.
  • Rehabilitation takes place at the training units in Nordborg, Gråsten and Sonderborg. The training can also take place in your own home.
  • The training can consist of individual training, team training, self-training or a combination of these.

You can apply for general rehabilitation in other municipalities. Contact Sonderborg Municipality's coordinating therapists on tel. +45 88 72 41 94.

If you need a specialized rehabilitation that requires close interdisciplinary collaboration at the specialist level for the sake of your safety, the rehabilitation takes place at the hospital. The hospital's therapy department invites you for rehabilitation.

You can apply for specialized rehabilitation at other hospitals. If you wish to take advantage of the option of free choice for specialized rehabilitation, please contact the therapy department of the hospital to which the rehabilitation plan has been sent. You can also contact the Region of Southern Denmark's patient counselors on tel. +45 76 63 14 90.

Do I have to pay for transport myself?

If you have been referred from the hospital with a rehabilitation plan, you generally have to make sure you get to and from the training place yourself, but if you cannot use public transport for health reasons, you can apply for permission to drive to and from the training place.

If you cannot use public transport, the Training Unit assesses which transport is most appropriate in your specific situation.

You can get further information about transport on tel. +45 88 72 41 94.

If you are not granted free transport, you can have your transport costs reimbursed if:

  • You are a pensioner and the transport costs to and from the training site with the cheapest sound means of transport exceed a total of DKK 45.
  • You are not a pensioner, the distance to the training location exceeds 50 km, and the transport costs to and from the training location with the cheapest safe means of transport exceed a total of DKK 108.
Can I get training for illness and weakness?

Maintaining training is an option for you if you need training to be able to maintain your ability to function in everyday life. The same applies if you need rehabilitation and you have not been admitted to a hospital.

Contact us for a visit from one of our visitators, who will find out about your need for maintenance and rehabilitation: 

Maintenance and rehabilitation
Tel .: +45 88 72 45 23
Telephone hours: all weekdays at 8-9

The training takes place in the Training Unit and is started within 10 working days after the grant.

As a general rule, make sure you get to and from the training site yourself. If you do not have the opportunity to arrange transport yourself, you can be granted transport - this for a fee. It is the visitator who assesses whether you are entitled to transport.

Can I be offered a rehabilitation course?

You have the right to be offered a rehabilitation course if it is assessed that such a course can help you further.

If you are granted a rehabilitation course, you will be visited by a rehabilitation therapist who is employed by the provider you have chosen. The therapist will, in collaboration with you, set goals for your course and plan what it takes for you to achieve your goals. This can be, for example, physical exercises, instruction in working positions, guidance in appropriate ways of organizing and performing the tasks, training in the use of aids, etc.

If, after the rehabilitation process, you still need help in everyday life, the visitator will again assess your ability to function and your need for help.

Can I get free physiotherapy if I am severely disabled?

You can get free treatment from a practicing physiotherapist if you have a severe physical disability or you have a disability as a result of an advanced illness. Free physiotherapy requires a doctor's referral. Contact your own doctor.

Where can I find case processing deadlines and quality standards?

See case processing deadlines here.

See all quality standards here.

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