Driving sick students

Read more about the transport of sick and disabled students to primary and lower secondary schools.
What conditions are there before I can get free transportation for my sick child?

Primary and lower secondary school pupils who are temporarily ill and in need of transport are entitled to transport if:

  • The student does not have the opportunity to use public transportation
  • The student has a registered address in Sonderborg Municipality
  • Due to illness or disability, the student is only able to follow the general education at school if the student is transported to and from school
  • The student can present an opinion from the doctor, possibly a medical certificate, if necessary
  • The pupil is not able to transport himself to and from school on his own help if a sick bicycle, a wheelchair or similar aid is made available to the pupil.
  • The student does not go to private school or free school

Be aware:

  • The granted transport does not necessarily include the total travel distance between residence and school, but can also be connecting transport, where transport is carried from the place of residence to the nearest public means of transport.
  • The transport includes one ride from home and one ride to home per. day.
  • As a rule, transport to and from the population register address is granted. If the parents do not live together, have joint custody and both live in Sønderborg Municipality, driving can also take place to the custodial parent on the days when the child lives with him.
  • A decision on transportation is made by the Transport Office. The transport office assesses on the basis of the submitted application form whether the pupil is entitled to transport.
  • The transport office can ask the citizen to obtain a medical certificate as documentation or discuss the student's health issue with the exercise therapist.
Can I get a travel allowance if I transport my sick child to school myself?

You have the opportunity to be responsible for the transport and as compensation receive a travel allowance, it will be calculated according to the state's lowest fare for driving.

You can apply for a travel allowance by sending an email via secure mail to the Transport Office.

How does the transportation of sick students work?

When the Transport Office has processed your application, you will be notified with the details. Future journeys should be submitted to Sydtrafik on tel. 88 72 44 72.

The student must be ready half an hour + driving time before meeting time each morning. In the afternoon, a taxi will come as close to the desired pick-up time at the school as possible, however, there may be a waiting time of up to 30 min.

If the driver needs to be able to contact your child in the afternoon (in the event of a delay, if the driver cannot find the student, etc.), you must state the child's mobile phone number in the application form or to Sydtrafik. 


If the carriage does not arrive, needs to be canceled or the orders need to be changed, please contact Sydtrafik, which is responsible for coordinating transport on tel. +45 88 72 44 72. Phone hours are 08.00 am - 15.00 pm on weekdays.

In case of cancellation early in the morning at 06.00-08.00, contact Sydtrafik on +45 88 72 44 72

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