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For Ukrainian refugees

What do I have to do when I have been granted a residence permit under the special act?

When you get a residence permit and will live in Sønderborg Municipality, you must contact the job centre.

You can apply in person at Holger Drachmanns pl. 5, 6400 Sønderborg, or by phone: +45 88 72 40 27.

When you have been granted a residence permit under the special act, the municipality offers you temporary accommodation. You will get a contact person in the job center who will help you with all the practical matters. Families with children will also receive help from a family advisor.

Once you have settled in, you start a course with danishlessons og job search.  

Can I get lessons in Danish?

You have the right to Danish education, when you have obtained a residence permit under the new special law. Jobcenter Sonderborg helps with registration and start-up.

The municipality does not offer Danish education to Ukrainian refugees who have not received a response to their application for a residence permit.

To citizens of Sønderborg

How can I help Ukraine's refugees?

Several of the local relief organizations and associations organize various initiatives to help the Ukrainian refugees. You can support financially and you can volunteer and become part of the work of welcoming the new arrivals.

For companies

Can I hire a Ukrainian refugee?

Ukrainians who have a residence permit under the new special law have a permit to work in Denmark.

If you want to employ Ukrainian refugees, you can contact the job centre's business service on tel. +45 88 72 40 31 or mail Here you can get sparring and guidance and get job openings entered in our job bank.

You can also find more information for employers here.

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