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If you are between 15-25 years old and experience stress or symptoms of stress, then you can get help from Sonderborg Municipality.

Sønderborg Municipality offers young people between the ages of 15-25 with stress symptoms a scientifically based group course, where they work with mental strategies to deal with stress.

Here you will learn to meditate, receive instruction in stress and be given the opportunity to reflect on your own actions and current situation. Through your talk with the others in the group, you will learn more about yourself and your stress symptoms, and not least what is needed to make you feel better.

How does a stress course for young people between the ages of 15-25 take place?

A stress course takes place over 6 times of 1,5 hours with a maximum of 10 participants.

Each course is taught by a psychologist trained as an instructor in the Open and Calm strategies.

You start with a conversation with the psychologist, so we ensure that the course is right for you. You will be offered two individual interviews with the psychologist, where you decide the content. The psychologist has a duty of confidentiality.

To participate, you must fill out a screening form, and then you will go to a clarifying interview, where you and a psychologist will find out if the course is right for you.

Courses are started on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in hearing more, you can contact us (see contact information at the bottom of the page).

Can I download a free app with meditation exercises?

If you experience stress, you can download the app for free 'Åben og Rolig med meditationsøvelser'and different strategies:

What symptoms may be signs of stress?

You may:

  • for a period of time has pulled you away from your friends and family
  • often feel tired
  • have difficulty sleeping
  • constantly have thoughts in mind
  • quickly get annoyed
  • experience that things pile up in connection with your education, job or other things
  • feel pressured and burdened in everyday life
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