Use of force

The use of force is a physical intervention on the right to self-determination that can only take place with legal authority.

The use of force is an active intervention against a citizen who actively opposes, or relates passively (ie does not agree) to a specific offer or call. The use of force includes all cases where a citizen is restricted in his free movement and thus in his self-determination.

When is the use of force used?

In the daily work with a citizen, situations may arise where the employees who take care of the citizen have to take actions that are an intervention on the citizen's rights. It can be an intervention that takes place solely for the sake of the citizen himself, eg if a woman with dementia, gently, is maintained in a bathing situation. It can also happen for the sake of others, for example if a young person on a housing offer is taken to his room because he or she is behaving in an indefensible manner.

It is the use of force when the citizen does not voluntarily contribute to the measure. All forms of use of force must be registered and reported.

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