Waste and recycling

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In Sonderborg Municipality it is SFOR, which handles waste and recycling. Do you have inquiries regarding waste containers, emptying, extra bags etc. please contact:

SONFOR on www.sonfor.dk or on the phone 88 43 53 00

How often does my waste bin get emptied?

In Sønderborg Municipality, the food and residual waste container is emptied every 14 days. We offer weekly emptying for flats without space and for all homes during the summer period.

The other two containers in the recycling scheme are emptied every four weeks.

See when your waste or recycling bin is emptied or sign up for sms service

You have to make sure that the garbage man can easily empty your containers for household waste and recycling in the period 7 am - 18 pm.

What should I do if my waste container has not been emptied or broken?

Report an error/deviation regarding your container to SONFOR.

How should I sort my waste?

On SONFOR's website you will find a waste sorting guide

Where can I find the recycling sites in Sønderborg Municipality and their opening hours?

See the recycling sites in Sonderborg and their opening hours as well as the recycling shops and the recycling construction market.

You have the opportunity to come to the recycling sites outside normal opening hours if you are registered access365 scheme.

What should I do with construction waste?

In Denmark, you as a client must report your construction and demolition waste no later than two weeks before embarking on a renovation or demolition project if:

  • A project produces more than 1 ton of waste
  • The construction project includes the replacement of double glazing from the period 1950 to 1977

If the work produces dust or noise, you should too report the temporary activity.

All notifications must be accompanied by a building survey, which before the start of the project reviews the building for content of problematic substances, eg PCBs, chlorinated paraffins, PAHs, asbestos and heavy metals in paints and building parts. Most painted surfaces contain contaminants and should be examined, preferably by a professional consultant. 

When demolishing carports, greenhouses or buildings with untreated masonry, mapping may not be necessary.

Contact Business and Waste for guidance on +45 88 72 43 80.

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