Noise and smoke nuisance

Read more about the guidelines and requirements for companies in relation to noise, smoke and pollution as well as how to complain about noise, smoke or odor.

If you experience problems with noise, smell or smoke, the best solution is often to try to solve the problem yourself. Perhaps the polluter is not aware that it is bothering anyone. Otherwise, you can complain via the button at the top.

You must be aware that, as a general rule, a complaint is covered by the rules on access to documents. This means that others can see who is complaining and what has been complained about. This applies to both written and oral complaints.

Remember that pollution and environmental accidents must always be reported to 112.

Can my complaint be rejected?

The environmental authority may choose not to process your complaint about, for example, odor or smoke nuisance, if the authority assesses that your case has a minor impact on the environment. This is true even if you feel bothered.

Who should I contact about noise nuisance at parties, street races and sailing?

Neighbors and people on the street partying as well as particularly noisy vehicles are police tasks. This also applies to street races on public roads and motor boat sailing (jetboats).

What are the rules for firing in stoves and solid fuel stoves?

To avoid smoke and the emission of harmful particles, it is important that you light up properly in your wood stove. It is also important that you only burn clean fuel. The requirements of the municipality ”Regulations for use with wood stoves, etc.. ” must be complied with.

What are the rules if I want to make a fire?
the regulations for household waste may citizens and scout clubs and more make a campfire for fun, snobrød and the like.

However, only clean and dry wood may be burned. The fire must not contain wood from wooden pallets, fence beams, window sills and doors or other wood that has been painted, impregnated or that contains screws, nails or fittings. There is a ban on burning garden waste and kvas from cutting down fences and so on.

Care must be taken to ensure that the fire is not a nuisance to the surroundings. Sønderborg Municipality recommends that the fire is at least 5 meters from buildings, and 15 meters from buildings with thatched roofs and flammable storage.

For agriculture, parks and nurseries and more in the open country, it is legal to burn kvass, branches and roots from cutting down fences and other nature conservation activities. However, this must be done with regard to neighbors and combustible materials.

Citizens and businesses are encouraged to compost their garden waste or hand it over to the municipality container spaces.

Saint Hans bonfire

Of course, it's still perfectly legal to hold Saint Hans and light a bonfire.

However, the fire must only consist of clean, dry wood and garden waste. There must therefore not be e.g. pallets, furniture, carpets and building waste in the Sankt Hans bonfire.

When you build a Sankt Hans bonfire, you must place it so that there is no fire danger to people, buildings or other property and prevent or reduce the smoke does not disturb the surroundings.

Sønderborg Municipality recommends that you ensure that:

  • the fire is at least 30 meters from the nearest building with hard roof
  • the fire is at least 200 meters to buildings with thatched roofs

If you want to hold a Sankt Hans event in public areas, you must report it to Projekt og Anlæg at

  • the fire is at least 200 meters from coniferous stands and warehouses of flammable materials such as wood and plastic
  • the heat from the fire can not destroy fences and vegetation
  • there are sound rescue and extinguishing options in case of fire spread
What are the noise rules for wind turbines?

Wind turbines have their own noise rules that can be seen in The Wind Turbine Order.

What are the rules for companies, restaurants, discos, car repair shops, etc.?

Larger industrial companies and noisy leisure facilities that have an environmental permit must comply with the conditions set out in the environmental approval.

Restaurants and discos in Sonderborg Municipality are covered by "Regulations for the design and operation of restaurants".

Auto repair shops have their own requirements for interior design and operation. Read them in The Auto Workshop Order.

Do I have to report temporary activities for construction projects?

If you are doing temporary activities that cause dust, dust and vibration, report it. It can be:

  • Crushing plant for building and construction materials
  • Dust or noise-causing demolition activities
  • Dust or noise generating building facade treatment
  • Surface treatment of free-standing steel structures or other larger free-standing structures
  • Dust or noise-generating building and construction work in general

Business and Waste must have your notification no later than 14 days before you start work.

Building and construction projects must comply with the requirements of the municipality "Regulations for building and construction projects".

Do you have to keep your car idling?

According to Sonderborg Municipality's idle regulation do not keep the car idling for more than one minute to limit noise nuisance and air pollution.


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