ZEROsport - use your energy right

ProjectZero and Sønderborg Municipality have jointly developed the ZEROsport program. Read more about the concept here.

The ZEROsport program is a certification for sports facilities and clubhouses that work to reduce their energy consumption and CO emissions - and which thus supports Sønderborg Municipality's ProjectZero vision.

What are the criteria for becoming ZEROsport certified?

For applicants in Sønderborg Municipality, it applies that the sports facility or clubhouse must:

  • Report energy consumption (electricity, heat and water) in energy units several years back. On the basis of this, CO₂ emissions and their development are calculated.
  • Accept that the development in energy consumption and CO emissions is made visible on ProjectZero's website.
  • Make the effort visible:
  • Handed out ZEROsport stickers and diplomas must be visible to the facility's users.
  • The monthly development in energy consumption and CO emissions must be visible, for example on boards, websites or the like.
  • Appoint a person responsible for day-to-day energy management.
  • Inform about implemented energy measures (electricity, water and heating) and planned energy measures in the future.
  • Work for a reduction of energy consumption (electricity, water and heat) of at least 10% compared to the starting point.
  • Attend at least one annual ZEROsport network meeting.
  • Involve the sports facility's users in the effort with a call for self-effort also in the home / family.
  • Work to make the related transport green.
How fast can we become ZEROsport certified?

A case processing time of 1-2 weeks is expected from the receipt of a correctly completed application.

Do we receive a diploma as a ZEROsport certified club?

At the annual Leisure Festival, diplomas and stickers are presented to certified sports facilities. The handed out stickers and diplomas must be set up in the sports facility together with the other communication to the facility's users.

ZEROsport diploma

Where can I read more about the project?

Read more on ProjectZero's website.

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